Learn how PKG is changing lives for people with Parkinson’s disease.

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Healthcare Professionals

Learn about PKG continuous, objective measures for Parkinson’s disease healthcare professionals.

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Clinical Trials

Developed by Global Kinetics Pty Ltd, the PKG® is an innovative digital health technology.

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The PKG® System

Influencing clinical management and outcomes for people with Parkinson’s disease.

The PKG® system provides continuous, objective, ambulatory assessment of movement disorder symptoms, such as tremor, dyskinesia and bradykinesia during activities of daily living and in the patient's home environment.


Global Kinetics

Global Kinetics, a novel digital health company, is revolutionizing the management of Parkinson’s disease by providing the first continuous and objective measurement for people with Parkinson’s living in our communities.

News & Events


April 2022 - Parkinson’s Patients Benefit From Revolutionary Watch on the NHS to Manage Care at Home

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Nov 2019 - PKG Wristwatch Device May Improve Clinical Decision-Making in Parkinson’s, Study Shows

A wrist-worn medical device — called the Personal KinetiGraph or PKG —...