Global Kinetics


Recognized as a Top 10 Most Innovative Health Company by the Fast Company Awards 2017, Global Kinetics Pty Ltd (GK) is a privately held technology company focused on revolutionising the treatment of Parkinson’s disease by providing a market leading innovative mobile health technology. The Company was founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2007, and has growing sales offices in Europe and in the USA.

The company’s Personal KinetiGraph, (or PKG) is the only commercially available digital health technology which provides clinically meaningful continuous measurement of the key symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Parkinson’s disease affects an estimated 7 million sufferers around the world and is the second most prevalent neurological disease after Alzheimer’s.

The PKG system includes a wrist worn device (watch) that automatically records motion data. This data is downloaded within minutes, analysed and presented as a medical report that assists doctors to assess and manage movement disorder symptoms  The information from the PKG leads to more informed treatment decisions, a potentially better quality of life for the patient and reduced costs along the healthcare continuum.

Clinical studies around the world have repeatedly demonstrated that GKCs decision support information routinely changes clinicians treatment decisions around 40% of the time (and this figure is higher in certain populations).  These treatment changes significantly alter the wellbeing of the patient (and have equivalent impact to the current gold standard treatments for Parkinson’s).