Global Kinetics

How it Works

PKG Watch

The PKG® system consists of a wrist-worn movement recording device, proprietary algorithms and a data-driven report known as the PKG®.

Data is collected continuously by the PKG Watch during activities of daily living in the home environment and can be programmed to remind the patient, at their prescribed Parkinson’s disease medication times, to register that they’ve taken their Parkinson’s disease medication.

The PKG Watch should be worn by the patient for 7 days.

At the end of the recording period, the data is uploaded for processing. The PKG® is generated and emailed to the patient’s clinician, graphically and numerically depicting the movement of the patient. The PKG® shows scores representative of dyskinesia and bradykinesia, compared to controls, throughout the day and from day to day. Other information such as medication compliance, motor fluctuations, immobility, tremor and periods where the PKG Watch was not worn are also shown

How It Works

PKG Portal

The PKG Portal is a password protected cloud database for use in your clinic. The PKG can be accessed as needed.

PKG Watch How to Video

Your patient wears a PKG Watch for a week then use the pre-paid envelope and drop into any mailbox. Movement Disorder Specialists oversee analysis and annotation of PKG data.

PKG Report

The PKG results are generated into a fully annotated report which is sent to a protected portal site to be accessed when needed.