Influencing clinical management and outcomes for people with Parkinson’s disease.

The PKG is an adjunct to your clinical management of people with Parkinson’s disease that improves treatment outcomes.

The PKG® system provides continuous, objective, ambulatory assessment of movement disorder symptoms, including bradykinesia, dyskinesia, tremor, immobility and medication compliance. activities of daily living and in the patient’s home environment.

Latest News from Europe and the UK

Hope for tens of thousands of Parkinson’s patients as NHS will review five new devices next WEEK that can ‘slow incurable condition’

  • Health chiefs reviewing five gadgets that collect data on Parkinson’s symptoms
  • They are set to help medics respond quicker to changes in patients’ conditions
  • If approved, they could be rolled out to England’s 120,000 Parkinson’s patients 

Potential Parkinson’s breakthrough as NHS tests five devices next WEEK that can ‘slow condition’ | Daily Mail Online

Study update

In a Blinded, Controlled Trial of 200 patients with Parkinson’s Disease, use of PKG® in Clinical Management Shown to Significantly Improve Patient Outcomes

PKG improves outcome of patients and shows an improvement by 8 points on the UPDRS 3 scale!

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Future pathways

How the PKG technology can support new models of care and pathways

Parkinson’s care pathways are evolving towards patient-centric and remote pathways.

To learn more, and see how the PKG can help, click on the pathways below.

Traditional Pathway vs New Patient-centric Pathway with Remote Patient Monitoring.
Home Care vs Clinic Care

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