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Monitoring movement in Parkinson’s

When you see your doctor, they usually ask how you have been. Sometimes it may be hard to remember or describe your symptoms and this is where a monitoring device may help you.

To get the best possible outcome for you from your Parkinson’s treatment your doctor may want to record your symptoms. With advancements in medical technology, recording of your movement can now be achieved through wearable technology such as the PKG® system.

The PKG system includes the PKG Watch, a wrist worn device that records your Parkinson’s symptoms and reminds you when to take your Parkinson’s disease medication as prescribed by your doctor. This recording is done at home over 6-10 days while you go about your day-to-day activities. The information collected by the PKG® Watch can tell your doctor more about your movement during the day including if you are moving a bit slowly or having difficulty in performing movements. The PKG® can help your doctor assess the current state of your Parkinson’s disease and assist them in making a decision about the right type and amount of medication for you at the right time.



a video on using the PKG Watch


yourself with the instructions sent


now and wear the PKG Watch


the PKG Watch promptly for results

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