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Aug 2021 – Press release – Global Kinetics Enters Remote Monitoring Business and Appoints New U.S. Commercial Leadership

23 August 2021 | News, Press Releases,

August 19, 2021 – Global Kinetics Pty Ltd (GK) announced today it has entered the Remote Physiologic Monitoring (RPM) space in the U.S. market with its unique system for monitoring Parkinson’s disease (PD), the Personal KinetiGraph® (PKG®).  The PKG system is an FDA 510(k) cleared system that features a wearable biosensor for patients to use in their home environment which collects movement data over a continuous period of time and transmits data via a cellular connection.  An easy to review report is produced for the clinician to enable more personalized treatment and management decisions ultimately leading to a higher quality of life for persons living with PD. Global Kinetics provides device fulfillment directly to the patient’s home and delivers comprehensive annotated reports via a clinic-facing portal.

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